Fast Track Your Qualification For Higher Degree Via Skill Recognition and RPL

Are you a professional thinking of completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree? Are the hurdles such as financing higher education, prolonged duration of commitment or the concept of returning to school obstructing your dream? Well, if these are your concerns, worry no more since the innovative educational concept of Recognition of Prior Learning SA offers is here for your rescue.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

SA Recognition of Prior Learning is also referred to as skill recognition. It simply describes a method adapted by universities and other institutions of higher learning globally to assess the skills acquired outside the class to assign academic credits to qualified individuals.

Recognition of Prior Learning in SA ideally focuses on the special skills gained by the workforce, rather than the academic performance which at most times only considered as a mere supplementary. An individual should be given recognition to confirm his/her skills on the job and, his/her worthiness to hold such a qualification.

The concept was acknowledged by the department of education in Southern Australia in the 1970s as a measure to enrich the education structure. Recognition of Prior Learning SA offers to candidates are supposed to prove that they have obtained sufficient knowledge and skills in their work and life experience and thus worthy of being exempted from a number of units. After obtaining the RPL exemptions or credits, one can proceed with the regular program to be conferred the respective certificates or degrees.

The recognition of prior learning concept has proven to be very appealing especially to experienced professionals who have spent countless years equipping themselves with practical skills. Nothing sounds better to an experienced professional who aims to advance his/her studies than having his skills recognized and qualify for a Recognition of Prior Learning exemption or credit.

Sounds too good to be true? It even gets better. One you have completed the SA Recognition of Prior Learning and acquired the degree, you can use this qualification to apply for exemptions in your post-graduate degree. This helps in fast tracking your ultimate degree, leave alone the thousands of dollars you are able to save in the process.

Let’s say for instance you have worked extensively in the commerce field and completed an Advance Diploma in Commerce through the SA Recognition of Prior Learning. Nearly all universities will give exemptions for several units in their bachelor’s degree or MBAs based on the level of qualification and the units completed. Thus, an Advanced Diploma in commerce will earn you more than one year of a Bachelor’s degree in commerce; which is equal to ten units. That will not only save you money, but also the hustle and stress associated with the studies. That’s the bargain logic.

Now that you know, don’t let factors delay your dream to the ultimate degree anymore. Take advantage of these wise educational method and fast track your qualification for higher education. Contact for more information about Recognise My Skills Pty Ltd offers today, gain professional advice and tips on how to fast track your higher education qualifications.

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Finding the Best Driving School

Do you have all the required skills of being a disposable driver? Can you comfortably drive yourself around at long and short distances with confidence? If not, there are classifications of driving schools that you can attend for training and practice. Driving schools like a Logan driving school in Queensland, AU have experienced instructors who teach you and take very good care of you.  These instructors usually understand how stressful it can be to acquire a driving license, and so they empower and teach you enough skills that help you conquer the driving world.

Logan Driving School

All the lessons given at the driving school focus on safe driving and strong knowledge base that is required for driving practices. The driving school uses both manual and automatic cars. You can choose any of these cars for your lessons depending on your preferences.

Why go to driving schools?

Driving schools take pride in understanding your needs and also understanding the roads that we drive on.  When undertaking driving lessons, we all bring in different attitudes, fears, and even ideas. Because of all this, a driving school in Logan has different instructors who normally take their time to understand each and every person’s approach towards the driving lessons.  The instructors of the driving school will also work hard to ensure that they give you the confidence and competence skills that you need in order to become an experienced driver.

The Logan driving school works according to your schedule. This means that if you have a session at the school at a certain time, the driving school arranges for pickups, may it be at your home, school or even work.  The driving school also arranges for your drop off after your training sessions. When one is ready for their driving lessons, the driving school can help you book for your driving tests.

A driving school Logan has today may be affordable and have a pricing structure that is placed at competitive prices that suit each and every person’s budget.  A good driving school tailors each lesson, according to the skills that each individual might need. Some of the things that the best Logan driving school educates you on are: To always put on your seat belt after entering your car, to avoid using mobile phones and other electronics while driving, to avoid  consistently exceeding  speed limits in residential areas and kids’ zone, and lastly to always check mirrors, especially when merging and when reverse parking.

Importance of going to a driving school

Taking yourself to a driving school to learn basics in driving and other related things is always important. This is because you will be taught proper techniques that you need to know about when driving. The Logan driving school will teach you the common bad habits that you can avoid that can land you in trouble.  A driving school will also help you build a solid driving foundation.  Driving schools usually help one to understand the rules and laws of the road, and they will also help you improve your confidence when driving on the roads.  The lessons that a driving school takes you through also help you to avoid future accidents.

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Aged Care Courses – You Will Need Those Special Skills

Medical care provisions have been traditionally employing the duty nurses, either male or female and mostly the latter, to take care of the patients. In recent times, however, certain specific categories of carers have emerged. Though the larger scope of activity of these carers would be the same as a duty nurse, there would be a leaning towards the human side of care giving, as opposed to the medical side of minding the patients. The skills needed to handle these assignments are also very specialized. The aged and infirm people, for example, either, at their own place of living or in a care center, have to be cared for by people who are specifically trained for the purpose. Here, special aged care courses are the only answer.

Professional Courses Delivered in Melbourne and Victoria

In Melbourne, Australia and some of the suburbs in the state of Victoria, you will be able to locate institutes offering these tailor made courses to train people to take care of the aged. Since taking care of the elderly people, whether male or female, is also a social responsibility and the governments have a commitment to support such people, there is a special grant that you can get if you choose the aged care courses in Australia.

Courses Designed to Equip You Thoroughly

Many leading institutions are offering focused education and training for people who have chosen care giving as their profession. With the growing population of the elderly in the country, there is a huge demand for such professionals and getting a Certificate III in Aged Care from this institute will ensure you are placed in a reasonably paying job straight away. The course content has been drawn up by experts in the field and will expose the students to all the aspects of taking care of the aged people.

As briefly touched upon, there are special and specific skills needed to assist the aged people carry on with their daily lives. The aged could be living in a care home, where there will be many of them under one roof. The carer might be allocated or attached to a specific person. There are challenges in respect of communication with the aged. If they also suffer from some ailment, then the administering of drugs, making them agree to any particular treatment as advised by the medical practitioner will all come into play. These are all properly packaged in the course modules by the institute in the 120 hours of classes that the student will have to attend. There will be practical training also, as the institute has tie-ups with such care homes and a hand-on exposure will be given to them.

Aged care courses and the certificates obtained through them are very useful in learning the skills to handle elderly people in any setting. Aspects such as safety, hygiene and communications are all integral to the assignment and acquiring these skills through a reputed institution only enhances your chances of finding a suitable employment with a bright future. You can also hope to get some part of the course fee funded.…

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Skills Needed to Become a Successful Police Recruit

A police officer’s job is not easy. Since you are a law enforcer, you will be dealing with the criminals and law offenders. It is important that you possess the skills, training and strength to overcome any law offenders you encounter as part of your job. For this reason, all successful applicants of the NSW police recruit process are required to undergo intensive training for a pre-determined period of time. This training will provide new recruits the skills and knowledge they need to become effective at their job.


NSW Police Recruit

If you are an aspiring police recruit in NSW, you must possess the following skills to get hired as a police officer:

Community Focus

Since you will act as a community police, you must have genuine concern for the community and its people. An NSW police recruit must be dedicated to help the community in times of need. Your goal must be to protect the citizens in the community you are policing and to chase down the bad guys.

Decision Making

When you are dealing with criminals and law offenders, you must be quick in making crucial decision. The ability to make crucial decisions on a dime can be trained; however, it is something that you have to inherently possess. In critical situations, your decision-making ability can spell the life and death for those involved. You must be able to weigh in the pro’s and con’s of certain actions when you are forced to make a decision.


When you want to be a successful NSW police recruit, you need to possess great communication skills. As police officers, you will be operating as part of a unit. You are not acting alone. Therefore, you must communicate with the rest of the members of your unit effectively to ensure that you can be successful in your shared mission. You will also be dealing with a diverse mix of people as part of your unit. Your ability to communicate effectively will ensure that you have a unified unit.

Resourcefulness and Initiative

When you are on the field, you will encounter many different circumstances that you cannot predict or prepare for. The ability to use your initiative and be resourceful is crucial to your success as a police officer. Again, this is one of those skills that you must inherently possess but can also be developed or improved on as you undergo police training.

Problem Solving

This type of skill or ability is somewhat linked to your resourcefulness and use of initiative. When confronted with certain issues or problems while doing police work, you must have the ability to think on a dime. Your goal is to solve a particular situation or problem with the least amount of damage involved.

If you possess the qualities or skills mentioned above, the local police unit is lucky to find best police recruit in NSW. If you do not have these skills, do not despair. As long as you meet the basic requirements, the police training will show you how you can develop these skills you need for the job.…

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